Try the game!

Green and pleasant
Green and pleasant

The best way to find out about Association Croquet, and to see if you like it, is to try it! York Croquet Club offers several ways of experiencing the game, all of them without any commitment to join.

We offer free drop-in Try Croquet sessions during the season for anyone wanting to experience the feel of ball, mallet, lawn and hoop at first hand and try a simple version of the game. For dates please see the next page in this section.

For those looking for something more substantial, Play-in-a-day offers a condensed introduction to the technique and tactics of Association Croquet, followed by a game. For details please see the next-but-one page in this section.

We also offer introductory courses for those wanting a full introduction to the technique, tactics and laws of Association Croquet. These are led by experienced Club coaches and normally last for one afternoon or evening a week for five or six weeks. For details please see a later page in this section.

Finally we are always pleased to discuss how we can help community groups and work groups – please see the final two pages of this section.

Croquet is played on equal terms regardless of gender, and by a wide range of ages. Do please be in touch if you would like to know more: contact the Club secretary Christine Morris on 07981 049174, or email