We run eleven York Croquet Club tournaments and competitions. Five of them are Short Croquet; five are full lawn croquet; and for one, anything goes! Short Croquet games don’t take long, typically about an hour. They are played on a lawn a little larger than a doubles tennis court with just six hoops and a peg to score. Full lawn is played on a lawn twice the size of a Short Croquet lawn, with more hoops to run. Expect a game to last for a couple of hours or so. We play in four north of England Leagues.

Here is the schedule of league fixtures for 2024 - League_matches_2024.pdf

Short Croquet: All played to 70% bisque allowance
High Bisquers Mallet - A special league for new players to develop their confidence and experience.
Julian Tonks Trophy - 14-point league aimed at players with higher handicaps.
Crayke Cup - 14-point knockout competition without time limit.
Club Doubles - A light-hearted one-day tournament with teams being chosen at random on the day
Harris Handicap - A one day Tournament with the emphasis on enjoyment and sociability, all standards welcome.

Croquet Association capIf the cap fits... white is the preferred attire for the most important games.Full lawn:
Cromiard Plate - 18-point league aimed at players keen to try full lawn croquet.
Scarcroft Shield - 18-point league for more experienced players - two hours maximum.
Fraser Ross Trophy - Handicapped competition with games lasting three hours.
Advanced Doubles - Advanced Rules, Level Play, and an opportunity to learn from a partner
Level Play Trophy - The Club Championship, played to AC advanced Rules - for experienced players.

Anything goes:
Twenty20 Challenge - Play friendly games against twenty or more different opponents during the season – full lawn or short lawn, win or lose, they all count.

Whether it’s a relaxed game with a Croquet buddy, a turn up and play at a club session or the finals of a tournament, we play Croquet for the joy of it. Our focus is always on enjoying the game.

Get in Touch

Please ring the York Croquet Club Secretary, Christine Morris, on 07981 049174
or email yorkcroquet@gmail.com

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