Course programme 2023

Power up your coaching skills!
Sunday 16 April 2023 – course cancelled

One-to-one coaching with Cliff Jones
Tuesday 18 April 2023

Start the season by booking an hour (or more!) of individual tuition with Cliff, one of the foremost croquet coaches in the country. Use the time to work on any aspect or aspects of croquet technique, mindset or strategy that you choose. This is open to both AC and GC players. Please contact the Course Secretary to discuss timings and costs.
Cost: POA.
Course code C1. Coach: Cliff Jones

Become a qualified GC Referee
Wednesday-Thursday 19-20 April 2023

Referees make an important contribution to the game; becoming a CA qualified referee requires commitment and a thorough and secure understanding of the GC Rules. Participants will be sent some preliminary material to study. The course then runs concurrently with So You Think You Know the Rules of GC, which finishes at lunchtime on the Thursday. The final half day is devoted to assessment time for the referee qualification – both indoors (written) and outdoors (practical decision-making). A subsidy of £25 per person may be available for CA members: please discuss with the Course Secretary.  Some Federations may also offer further support.
Cost: £65.
Course code GCR. Course leader: Cliff Jones

So you think you know the Rules of GC?
Wednesday-Thursday 19-20 April 2023

Being clear about some of the trickier aspects of the Rules is an essential foundation for secure play. This one-and-a-half day briefing should appeal to GC coaches, but also more widely to club committee members and GC players with a sound working knowledge of the GC Rules. The course runs concurrently with Become a Qualified GC Referee, finishing at lunchtime on the Thursday to allow assessment time for those continuing to the referee qualification.
Cost: £30.
Course code RGC. Course leader: Cliff Jones

Strokes and strategy for developing GC players
Saturday 22 April 2023

At the heart of succeessful croquet is identifying the best move in a given situation, then knowing precisely what to do to achieve accurate results with every shot. The day looks in close detail at exactly how to do it: each part of each shot is looked at closely and reinforced with detailed guidance and ‘how to’ checklists. This practical one-day course is aimed at players with GC handicaps between 4 and 9; players outside this range may also be considered. Develop your confidence, improve your consistency and move your GC play to the next level! A PDF of a comprehensive Handbook by Cliff is included; printed copies will be available to purchase on the day at cost price.
Cost: £35.
Course code SSG. Coach: Cliff Jones

Strokes and strategy for developing AC players
Sunday 23 April 2023

This one-day course is aimed at AC players with handicaps in the 9-14 range; players outside this range may be considered on merit. The course will reflect the needs of the group, but will be desitned to help you promote your play to the next level by evaluating possitlbe moves in common situations, knowing which shot to play to achieve it, and, through Cliff’s tried and tested ‘how to’ checklists, developing the consistency neded for success. there will be ample opportunity to put into practice what is being covered and for individual help, guidance and support. A PDF of a comprehensive Handdbook by Cliff is included; printed copies will be available to purchase on the day at cost..
Cost: £35.
Course code SSA. Coach: Cliff Jones

Back to Basics
Wednesday 10 May 2023

Getting the basics right can make all the difference to your game. This practical one-day course is designed to help you understand the principles of a good stance and grip, how to play roquets or clearing shots, and how exactly to master hoop running. AC and GC players will then be coached separately in shots specific to each game. The day will be largely outdoors and will offer plenty of opportunity to put principles into practice. The day is for both AC and GC players and is for players of all abilities. Get your technique right and start being a winner!
Cost: £35. Course code BB. Course leader: Alan Locket

Classic Golf Croquet skills and tactic
Saturday 13 May 2023

This one-day course is for high handicap and higher-handicap Golf Croquet players around the handicap 10-16 range who want to develop their understanding of the basic tactical moves; would like to know how to play accurate clearances, jump shots and so on; and want to run hoops successfully. The day will look at the classic tactical shots, the skills required, and principles of tactical play, while also moving towards some of the more advanced aspects of play.
Cost: £35. Course code CS. Course leader: John Crossland

Golf Croquet skills and tactics in practce
Sunday 14 May 2023

This course complements the course on 13 May and, similarly, is for high-handicap and higher-handicap GC players around the handicap 10-16 range. The day will centre around a series of coached games, with players grouped by handicap and with coaches taking opportunities during play to discuss technique, tactics and available options in situations arising in each game. You should be familiar with basic technique and classic tactical moves such as clearing, blocking and promoting, and now would like to develop your understanding of how these and other moves can best be put to work in practice..
Cost:£35. Course code GS. Course leader: John Crossland

Move your AC to the next level
Wednesday 17 May 2023

This one-day course is for players with handicaps around the range of 6-12 who are looking to consolidate their game and be ready for Advanced play. The day will explore the special characteristics of Advanced play and its implications for tactics, and look in detail at a standard Advanced leave and the moves needed to achieve it. More generally, it will also look at techniques applicable to both Advanced and standard play such as using corner cannons to advantage, digging a ball out of a corner, and ways of sustaining a three-ball break. The course should appeal whether or not you plan to proceed to Advanced play, and no experience of it is needed.
Cost: £35. Course code AC. Course leader: Mary Knapp

Become a CA Club-Level Coach
Saturday-Sunday 20-21 May 2023

This two-day course, led by the author of Complete Croquet, is for both AC and GC players aiming to develop their coaching skills and seeking CA accreditation to coach within their own club. Coaches also find that coaching others can help them significantly develop their own game. To complete their qualification candidates go on to coach five sessions at their own Club. You are expected to have a working knowledge of the Laws of AC or the Rules of GC. A subsidy of £25 per person may be available for CA members: please discuss with the Course Secretary. Some Federations may
also offer further support.

Cost: £65.
Course code CC. Course leader: James Hawkins

Break building with bisques
Tuesday 23 May 2023

Playing good breaks, and using bisques wisely, are central to winning games. This one-day course is for higher-handicap AC players familiar with basic technique who are now looking to play more sustained breaks and understand how tomake best use of their bisques to do it. The day will include when and how to invest bisques to set up a break; bisque budgeting; identifying break opportunities and capitalising on them; and understanding where best to place balls to create a break and sustain it. Every opportunity will be taken to discuss how best to put what is being covered into practice on the lawn..
Cost: £35. Course code BRB. Course leaders: John Harris and Dave Hudson

Learn Short Croquet in one day
Tuesday 13 June 2023

This one-day course is open to players of both codes, but should appeal particularly to GC players who want their skills to give them a head start in Association Croquet. It is also for coaches looking for a straightforward way of introducing this accessible version of AC into their own clubs. The day covers distinctive aspects of the AC game including croquet shots and building a break; it offers a full introduction to Association Croquet and aims to help participants play with understanding and pleasure. The day will include guidance on how the skills of AC can be easliy learned, a supported game, and plenty of opportunity for individual help and guidance.
Cost: £35. Course code SC. Course leaders: John Harris and Dave Hudson