Health and safety policy


York Croquet Club is committed to supporting the growth and development of Association Croquet; helping and encouraging all its members to develop their play; engaging with both the local community and the wider croquet community; and maintaining its facilities and equipment to the highest standard.

In support of this we seek to create an environment in which health and safety is central.

General Aims

Within available resources, we seek particularly to ensure that

• Club buildings, fixtures, fittings and grounds are maintained safely, and appliances are checked regularly in accordance with legal requirements;

• Club equipment is maintained in good condition, with all reasonable measures being taken to minimise accidental injury arising from its use, including the coaching of members and visitors in the safe use of mallets, croquet balls and other lawn equipment;

• machinery and hazardous substances are stored securely and their use is restricted to those competent to do so;.

• the Club maintains a first aid box and accident book and undertakes a periodic risk assessment exercise.