The Crayke Cup

The Crayke Cup  2023  First played in 1988 when the club was formed.

Holder : Cathie Dance

This  is a short lawn 14 point full bisque ,knockout competition . The games have no time limit.

The final MUST be played on Finals day (Saturday September 23rd 2023) If for any reason finalists cannot be present they will forfeit their place in favour of their defeated semi-finalist, and so on.

This year we are trialling a new allocation of bisques to try and make the game more evenly balanced. Each player will play with 70% of their usual short lawn bisques. I have indicated their 70% allocation next to their name.


70% bisques              Play by 1st  June                   Play by 12th July        Play by 26 August   Play on 23rd  Sept

1 ½ Lionel Stock
7 Carol Lewis *Lionel 14-3
2 ½ John Harris V *Lionel
4 William Bosanquet *William 14-6
  V Lionel   14-11
3 ½ James Pitt
V *Piers 14-12
3 ½ Piers Percival
  V *Piers    14-5
2 ½ Sue Longcroft
V *Sue14-5
6 ½ Tom Oulton


1 ½ Dave Hudson
5 Chris Barrett *Dave 14-4
3 ½ Cathie Dance V *Dave
4 Wendy Robertson *Wendy
  V *Finalist
3 ½ Alison Larard
V *Alison 14-9
5 Richard Lambourn
  V *Chris A
2 ½ Chris Atkinson
V *Chris 14-4
5 ½ Denise Foster