Cromiard Plate



Started in 2017 Holder James Pitt

Originally played in a day to get two finalists but since 2020 it has been played as a round robin with the winner of each section playing on Finals Day  (September 23rd )

Play an 18 point game, time limit 2 hours.

Played to base 10 ( with no adjustment for an 18 pt game)   I have listed all your bisques calculated to base 10.

In an 18 point game , when your first ball goes through hoop 1 you move your 2nd clip to 3 back and that is where your second ball has to start running hoops.


Bisques for the game CAH CB JP Won Finalist
Carol Ann Hooper 12 XXXX
Chris Barrett 8 XXXX
James Pitt 4 XXXX



Bisques for the game TO HQ WR HG Won Finalist
Tom Oulton 12 XXXX
Hazel Qureshi 8 XXXX
Wendy Robertson 6 XXXX
Helen Griffiths 8 XXXX