Community groups

York Croquet Club Croquet ... enjoyment ... sociability ... perfect!

Croquet … enjoyment … sociability … perfect!

York Croquet Club warmly welcomes community groups who are looking for an outdoor activity or an opportunity for outdoor socialising on the Club lawns. 

Some community groups opt to play Association Croquet.  Others go for Golf Croquet, a straightforward and sociable version of the game, which uses the same equipment as Association Croquet but which can be learned in a few minutes.

Local community groups visiting the York Croquet Club lawns on a regular basis to play croquet include the 41 Club; a thriving section of York U3A, who meet at the Club lawns twice a week during the playing season; various church groups; and (playing a specially simplified version of the game) Dementia Forward.  Other groups come for one-off afternoons or evenings as part of their ongoing social or activity programmes. 

The normal fee for an afternoon or evening based on croquet is £15 per person, including guidance and encouragement from a Club coach.  We are happy to offer a reduced fee of £10 per person to local community groups for a one-and-a-half hour or two hour session.  This typically includes welcome; an introduction to technique and rules; tea and coffee; and time for, normally, a couple of games.  Croquet can be played on equal terms by people regardless or gender or age, and the different forms of the game mean that croquet lends itself to groups looking for sociability, for serious play, or simply for something enjoyable.

If you are looking to play frequently at the Club, fees become much more favourable and we will be very pleased to discuss terms.  We are always happy to accommodate new groups.  For an informal discussion please ring John Harris on 01904 620211 or Alison Larard on 01759 368123, or email – we will be very pleased to help.