Northern Academy

York Croquet Club is delighted to have been chosen to host the Northern Croquet Academy at the Club lawns.  The mission of the Academy is to provide a centre of excellence for croquet coaching and development in the North of England.

The Northern Academy works closely with croquet’s national governing body, the Croquet Association, and ensures that every course is led by an experienced CA-qualified coach.  The Academy also aims to do all it can to ensure that all participants not only benefit from Northern Academy courses, but also enjoy the experience.

The Academy was launched in 2017 and builds on York’s successful track record of hosting national-level coaching.  Academy courses cover both Association Croquet and Golf Croquet. A summary of the 2021 programme is below for reference.  For more detail, please navigate to the next section of the drop-down menu above.  To find out more about the Northern Academy, or apply for a course, click to Send mail to or visit the Academy website:

4 May 2021 – Back to basics (AC, GC)

19 May 2021 – Moves and methods for higher bisquers (AC)

9 June 2021 – Learn Short Croquet in one day (GC, AC)

22 June 2021 – It’s all in the head: getting into the right mindset (AC, GC)

Saturday 3 July 2021 – Twelve hoops, one turn (AC)

Sunday 4 July 2021 – Control, tactics, action! (AC)

7 August 2021- Classic Golf Croquet skills and tactics (GC)

8 August 2021 – Golf Croquet skills and tactics in practice (GC)

12-13 August 2021 – So you think you know the Laws of AC? (AC)

12-13 August 2021 – Become a qualified AC Referee (AC)

17 August 2021 – Strokes and strategy: take your GC to the next level (GC)

18-19 August 2021 – One-to-one coaching with Cliff Jones (AC, GC)

For further details of individual courses please navigate to the next page via the drop-down menu above.