Trophy winners

Year The Crayke Cup The Fraser Ross Trophy The Scarcroft Shield
2016 Callum Johnson Callum Johnson Callum Johnson
2015 Callum Johnson Jim Gillespie John Crompton
2014 Mark Fitzsimons Lance Andrews Mark Fitzsimons
2013 Mark Fitzsimons Piers Percival Tony Garner
2012 Lance Andrews Piers Percival Alison Larard
2011 Kevin Potter Piers Percival Dave Hudson
2010 Dave Hudson Lance Andrews Mark Fitzsimons
2009 Mark Fitzsimons Mark Fitzsimons Mark Fitzsimons
2008 Lance Andrews Mark Fitzsimons Andy Starkey
2007 Mark Fitzsimons Julian Tonks Mark Fitzsimons
2006 Tony Garner Dave Hudson Mark Fitzsimons
2005 Andy Starkey John Reece-Hoyes Roger Bullock
2004 Tony Garner Margaret Garner Tony Garner
2002 John Reece-Hoyes David Jenkinson Mike Haslam
2001 Mike Haslam John Reece-Hoyes John Reece-Hoyes
2003 Andy Starkey Julian Tonks Julian Tonks
2000 Andy Starkey Roger Bullock Andy Starkey
1999 David Jenkinson Andy Starkey Andy Starkey
1998 Tony Garner Margaret Garner Julian Tonks
1997 Mike Haslam David Jenkinson Tony Garner
1996 Tony Garner Julian Tonks Andy Starkey
1995 Philip Pawson Andy Starkey Steven Burkeman
1994 Margaret Garner Mike Haslam
1993 Mike Haslam Rob Stay
1992 Julian Tonks Tony Garner
1991 James Garner
1990 Julian Tonks
1989 Jane Garner
1988 James Garner
Year The High Bisquers Mallet Club Championship Cup The Club Doubles The Julian Tonks Trophy
2016 Cathie Dance Andy Starkey Alison Larard & Hywel Beynon Fiona Crompton
2015 Lesley Harris Andy Starkey Lance Andrews & John Crompton Hywel Beynon
2014 Sally Hebron Andy Starkey Hywel Beynon & David Palmer Frank Ingledew
2013 Fiona Crompton Mark Fitzsimons not contested
2012 Callum Johnson Andy Starkey Kevin Potter & Tony Garner
2011 Anne Hoskins Mark Fitzsimons Margaret Garner & Kevin Potter
2010 Kevin Potter Andy Starkey Dave Hudson & John Harris
2009 Alf Powell Andy Starkey Alison Larard & Mark Fitzsimons
2008 Alison Larard Andy Starkey Dave Hudson & Mark Fitzsimons
2007 Nigel Travis Andy Starkey Roger Bullock & Julian Tonks
2006 John Harris Andy Starkey Roger Bullock & Julian Tonks
2005 Dave Hudson Andy Starkey Roger Bullock & Julian Tonks
2004 John Harris Andy Starkey Philip Pawson & John Reece-Hoyes
2003 Mark Fitzsimons Paul Harbord Philip Pawson & John Reece-Hoyes
2002 Judith Stevens Paul Harbord David Jenkinson & Tony Garner
2001 Judith Stevens Andy Starkey David Jenkinson & Tony Garner
2000 Gwen Knight Andy Starkey Andy Starkey & Chris Oxberry
1999 Sheila Wright Andy Starkey Mike & Shirley Haslam
1998 Rosemary Dunn
1997 Rosemary Dunn
1996 Rosemary Dunn
1995 Philip Knight