Croquet in York

1850s – croquet is first introduced into England and quickly establishes itself in the York area.

1864 – croquet equipment is being manufactured in York by Messrs Cordeaux and Ernest’s Croquet and Wood Turning Establishment. Each set includes rules of the game, one of the very earliest versions of the rules to find their way into print.

Walter Whitmore, Secretary of the National Croquet club, organised the 1870 York tournament and competed in it

Walter Whitmore, Secretary of the National Croquet Club, organised the 1870 York tournament and was himself a competitor in it

1870 – York is chosen as the venue for a June croquet tournament, organised by the National Croquet Club, and featuring some of the country’s top croquet players.

1874 – Heath’s The Complete Croquet Player includes York among the fifteen principal croquet clubs in the country.

1896 – guests at a garden party at Bishopthorpe Palace enjoy croquet, bowls, music, and a tour of the palace and chapel.

1914-18 – military hospitals throughout the country turn to croquet as a restorative outdoor team activity for convalescent soldiers.

1925 – a spirited article in the Yorkshire Evening Post defends the playing of croquet on Sundays.

1965 – inauguration of the annual Roses sporting weekend between the Universities of York and Lancaster, with, as its finale, a croquet match between the two Vice-Chancellors.

1988 – York Croquet Club is re-formed and holds its first season at Beningbrough Hall, before transferring into the City of York to a green on Salisbury Road near Water End.

1992 – York Croquet Club moves to its present grounds on Scarcroft Road.

1996 – York Croquet Club joins with the bowls clubs playing on the adjacent greens to form the Scarcroft Green Association, to manage the Scarcroft greens on behalf of the City of York Council and the Freemen of York.

2014 – York Croquet Club takes over a second full sized lawn and hosts its first national Croquet Association events.

2017 – York Croquet Club takes over a third full sized lawn, making it the croquet club with the largest number of lawns in Yorkshire, and enters into a long lease.  The Club also launches the Northern Croquet Coaching Academy at York.

2019 – the Club futher expands its activities at Club level and regionally, and further develops its coaching programme through the Northern Academy at York.   However the main focus of the Club remains participation and pleasure.  Club members are looking forward to another enjoyable season: why not join us?