The Julian Tonks Trophy


The Julian Tonks Trophy 2023      Introduced in 2014 The competition was initiated by and named after one of the founder members of the club who did a great deal to further the game of croquet.

Holder: William Bosanquet

This is a  14 point game open to all club members with a full short lawn handicap of 6 or more . However this year we are using a bisque allocation of 70% of a players short lawn handicap.  I have put the 70% bisque allocation against each player’s name.

The final should be played on finals day, Saturday September 23rd


70% bisques CL PT TO PW
Carol Lewis 7 XXX
Pete Thompson 6 ½ XXX
Tom Oulton 6 ½ XXX
Philip Watson 6 1/2 XXX


70% bisques CB WB CAH JD HG
Chris Barrett 5 XXX
William Bosanquet 4 XXX
Carol Ann Hooper 6 ½ XXX
Jenny Dunkley 7 XXX
Helen Griffiths 5 ½ XXX