Course programme 2018

One-to-one coaching with Cliff Jones

Saturday 31 March (FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

Sunday 1 April 2018 (FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

Start the season by booking an hour or an hour and half of individual tuition over the Easter weekend with Cliff, one of the foremost croquet coaches in the country, using the time to work on any aspect of croquet technique, mindset or strategy that you choose. This is open to both GC and AC players. Please contact the Course Secretary to discuss timings and costs.

Cost: POA. Course leader: Cliff Jones


Become a Qualified Coach

Sat/Sun 7-8 April 2018

This two-day course is for both AC and GC players aiming to develop their coaching skills and seeking to become club coaches or graded coaches. Coaches also find that coaching others can significantly improve their own game. You are expected to have a working knowledge of the Laws of AC or the rules of GC. A subsidy of £25 per person may be available from the CA for CA members – please discuss with the Course Secretary. Some Federations may also be able to offer further support.

Cost: £60 (CA Premium members £50). Course leaders: James Hawkins and Roger Staples


Back to Basics

Saturday 14 April 2018  (FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

Getting the basics right can make all the difference to your game. This practical one-day course is designed to help you understand the principles of a good stance and grip, how to play roquets or clearing shots, and how exactly to master hoop running, croquet shots and rushes. The day will be largely outdoors and will offer plenty of opportunity to put principles into practice. Get your technique right and start being a winner!

Cost: £35 (CA Premium members £30). Course leader: Derek Knight


Mind Games

Saturday 21 April 2018

Many very successful croquet players maintain that a good mindset can be even more important than tactics and technique in helping you play your best. This one-day course will explore blocks to a good mindset, how to overcome them, and how to set yourself up positively for successful croquet. The day applies to both AC and GC players and to players of all abilities.

Cost: £35 (CA Premium members £30). Course leader: Derek Knight


Openings and leaves

Sunday 22 April 2018

How can the first moves in an AC game be used to seize control? What opening moves are available, and what are the strengths and possibilities of each? If my opponent uses an unusual opening, how might I respond? What are the principles of a good leave? How can I set up a strong leave, when should I do it, and how might I respond when faced with one? This one-day course is for AC players wanting to refine their understanding of these two key aspects of AC and strengthen their competitive play.

Cost: £35 (CA Premium members £30). Course leader: Roger Staples


From GC to AC in One Day

Friday 27 April 2018 

Let your Golf Croquet skills give you a head start in Association Croquet!  This one-day course covers croquet shots, building a break and other distinctive aspects of the AC game.  It offers a full introduction to Association Croquet and aims to help participants play with understanding and pleasure.  The day will include a supported game and plenty of opportunity for individual help and guidance. 

Cost: £35 (CA Premium members £30). Course leader: John Harris

How to make twelve hoops in one go

Saturday 28 April 2018 (FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

This one-day course, led by the author of Compete Croquet, is for AC players keen to develop their break play. Topics include how to set up a break from scratch even in unpromising situations; making full use of the whole lawn; how to play an easy break; playing breaks in different ways using a limited range of shots; how and when to use bisques to full advantage; and tips and tricks on where to place balls, when to do it, how to do it and why.

Cost: £35 (CA Premium members £30). Course leader: James Hawkins


It’s not all about breaks

Sunday 29 April 2018 (FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

This one-day AC course complements How to Make 12 Hoops in One Go (28 April) and follows on from it. When is it right to play defensively? How can it be done to advantage? What are good tactics against an opponent playing defensively? What about managing endings? How can wide joins help win games? And what about bisques? This is an ideal course for AC players with some experience of the game who are keen to improve.

Cost: £35 (CA Premium members £30). Course leader – James Hawkins,


Classic Golf Croquet skills and tactics

Saturday 26 May 2018

This one-day course is for GC players who know how to play but want to consolidate their game, want to develop their understanding of the basic tactical moves, and want to know when and how to play them successfully. The day will include the skills required, principles of tactical play, classic tactical shots, and move towards the more advanced aspects of play.

Cost: £35 (CA Premium members £30). Course leader: John Crossland


Golf Croquet strategy

Sunday 27 May 2018

This one-day course is for more accomplished GC players who are confident about when and how to play basic moves such as blocking, promoting and clearing shots, but now want to develop their strategic skills and include more advanced tactics in their thinking and their play. The day will also include when and how to make best use of extra turns in handicap games.

Cost: £35 (CA Premium members £30). Course leader: John Crossland